Andean Community Partners is a 501(3)(c) registered non-profit created to improve the health and well-being of the Willoq village and other villages in the Andes mountains of Peru.

Our mission is to…

 To improve the health and well-being of the Andean Community in Peru focusing efforts on health and infrastructure while encouraging St. Olaf students to live a life of worth and service.


Our focus is on…

Health – Enhance the health of individuals thru (currently) annual medical and dental clinics

Infrastructure – Provide improvements to water quality, public health, community center/school and transportation

Service – Provide the students of St. Olaf with a hands-on opportunity to gain experience in living a life of work and service


We work towards our mission in the following ways…

  • Regular meetings with village elders and Peruvian Odyssey board to determine 1-year/3-year needs
  • Engage Peruvian companies and Peruvian citizens to source supplies and visit logistics.
  • Invite participation thru hands-on, onsite immersions at Willoq Village for St. Olaf students as an opportunity to engaging in a life of worth and service.
  • Use hands-on immersions to build awareness/commitment to raise funds to continue program.
  • Provide financial support for students and non-board member professionals to help defray cost of trip and encourage participation.
  • Establish key performance indicators to measure progress in each area.