Our Service goalProvide the students of St. Olaf with a hands-on opportunity to gain experience in living a life of worth and service.

Each year St. Olaf pre-med and pre-dental students participate in assisting delivery of medical and dental services in January.  As part of this learning experience, students plan and execute projects to improve the health and infrastructure of the community.  In 2018 three projects are being undertaken:

  • Community Health Survey – to facilitate an understanding of the overall healthcare needs of the Willoq community.  Students will visit with individual families in their homes to learn first-hand the health/medical needs of the community.  The survey will data will then be compiled to a create a benchmark for ongoing measurement of community health.
  • Electronic Medical Records –  Implement a pilot study to deploy electronic medical records (ERC) to begin to improve long term quality of care.
  • Community Health Education – to better understand the ways in which health education can help improve long term health.  The first step will be to identify actionable health issues and then develop methods to provide the information to the community.

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